Responsible gambling

For many people gambling is an exciting way of entertainment, but for others it is more than that. For these people, it is something that happens compulsively, with no pleasure always involved. The negative effects can be great, but even so, quitting gambling is enormously difficult for people with a gambling addiction.

For example, gambling addiction puts some people in financial trouble and affects social contacts. But what does a gambling addiction actually entail?

When Does Someone Have a Gambling Addiction?

It is confronting to admit to others, as well as to yourself, that you (may) have a gambling addiction. However, there are typical patterns in people with a gambling addiction.

For example, a person may be very restless, place enormous value on achievement, be very focused on money, seek recognition and regularly think about gambling and turn it into an action.

Among other things, this can stem from having low self-esteem. A person then tries to boost his self-esteem, so to speak, by gambling and wanting to win something. This gives the person a feeling of happiness, and then the need for this feeling of happiness can become greater and greater.

A person may also experience negative feelings being (temporarily) suppressed while gambling, or he or she may strive so hard to win that he or she does not want to give up and continues to gamble.


It is important to realize that gambling is played with real money. Because of the game element of gambling, the awareness of this is sometimes diminished. In addition, of course it gives a kick when someone turns his or her hundred euros into two or three hundred euros.

Once this has succeeded once, people often want to win more and push their limits considerably fast. Some overestimate their chances of winning and are triggered to keep playing until another such large sum is won. However, this often turns out to be more difficult than thought.

It is therefore advisable to agree on a maximum amount that will be wagered during the afternoon or evening.

It might also be wise to bring that amount in cash and make sure you don't have a debit card with you when you visit a land casino. At an online casino you may choose to deposit a certain amount and leave it at that. Some online casinos even offer to set a limit as well.

This way a limit is set and it is harder to go over this limit as it is less easy to wager more money and it serves as a reminder.

Some tips and tricks for gambling responsibly:

  • Play only with money you can really afford to lose. So never play with money you need for rent, vacations or fixed expenses.
  • Assume that you will lose the money you bet and be aware of the risk of playing with money.
  • Do not bet any winnings on the next game.
  • Never gamble when you are feeling intense emotions; this may cause you to make impulsive choices.
  • Never play with other people's money.
  • If you run out of the money you wanted to play with, stop and go home if you feel the urge to withdraw money or something similar.

Measures of Casinos

Casinos keep a very close eye on everything. For example, many casinos work with entry passes that allow them to see exactly how often visitors come and if they lose or win a lot and often.

This allows some casinos to see if visitors are in the casino extraordinarily often, while they lose a lot, for example. Casinos can thereby make visitors realize that they may need to cut back or perhaps need help.

Online casinos may, upon request, arrange for you to be temporarily unable to make deposits or temporarily unable to play. Furthermore, some online casinos give some kind of warning if someone is gambling for a long time and with what amount has already been played. This can be a wake-up call for gamblers.

Cruks and Responsible Gambling

The KSA's CRUKS registry is supposed to help players with addiction stop gambling. In principle, the set-up is good. You are registered with the registry and then can no longer play at any Dutch casino for a certain period of time. Yet this does not seem to be an immediate solution. In fact, cruks and still gambling does not appear to be difficult at all. At foreign sites, a player can always play. Therefore, it remains important that you take other measures. Seek help to get rid of your addiction, take the right measures for this.

What if you keep going over your limits?

If you find that you continuously bet more money than previously agreed upon and you are afraid of developing a gambling addiction or perhaps you are already addicted to gambling, it is important to investigate where this behavior comes from and what a possible solution for this could be.

It can be very difficult to go through this process alone. Seeking help from others is not something to be ashamed of. Rather, it is strong that you recognize and acknowledge that you have a problem and need help with it.

In addition, it is important to have a confidant with whom you can share things and talk honestly. This can be a friend or family member, but also a foundation or an organization.

There are very many organizations and foundations that are willing and able to help people with a gambling addiction. The advantage here is that these organizations and foundations have experience with people with gambling addiction and therefore know how you feel and what needs to be done to find a solution.

Changes GGZ, IGHD and Hervitas are some of the organizations a person with a gambling addiction can turn to. However, there are many more organizations and it is important to choose an organization that you feel comfortable and safe with.